Thursday, 9 September 2010

High Elms Country Park, Bromley

Sun was shining and I had my flying lesson booked for 3pm so had the morning free. I’d seen on the web that High Elms Country Park was close by – this covers 250 acres and has some cycle routes through it. Sounded worth a look.

So had a look at the map and set off towards Biggin Hill. The turn-off I needed seemed to be further away than I thought and after arriving ad Biggin Hill Airport it was obvious I’d missed it. Still it’s a large park so I turned left (hopefully) towards it. Cycled down some fantastic leafy lanes, past some very expensive looking houses, lots of horses and some nice looking country pubs. Couldn’t pop in for a pint as I was flying that afternoon.

Carried on cycling and looking around me then suddenly I was back on the road to Bromley. Now a bit short of time so had to head back home. Never did find the park and looking at the map I’d passed close to it. Quite how I missed 250 acres is a bit beyond me – still it leaves an opportunity for another trip and this time I will look at the map.

No pictures this time as I didn’t stop anywhere.

Vital Statistics. Distance : 25km, Average speed : 18.9km/h, Maximum speed : 43.7km/h

Google earth .KML file attached : JW 09 Sept 2010

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