Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Forest

Pierre and myself did a cycling trip around the New Forest.  As it’s part of the training for Big Wheel 2011, the details are on that blog.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

High Elms Country Park, Bromley

Sun was shining and I had my flying lesson booked for 3pm so had the morning free. I’d seen on the web that High Elms Country Park was close by – this covers 250 acres and has some cycle routes through it. Sounded worth a look.

So had a look at the map and set off towards Biggin Hill. The turn-off I needed seemed to be further away than I thought and after arriving ad Biggin Hill Airport it was obvious I’d missed it. Still it’s a large park so I turned left (hopefully) towards it. Cycled down some fantastic leafy lanes, past some very expensive looking houses, lots of horses and some nice looking country pubs. Couldn’t pop in for a pint as I was flying that afternoon.

Carried on cycling and looking around me then suddenly I was back on the road to Bromley. Now a bit short of time so had to head back home. Never did find the park and looking at the map I’d passed close to it. Quite how I missed 250 acres is a bit beyond me – still it leaves an opportunity for another trip and this time I will look at the map.

No pictures this time as I didn’t stop anywhere.

Vital Statistics. Distance : 25km, Average speed : 18.9km/h, Maximum speed : 43.7km/h

Google earth .KML file attached : JW 09 Sept 2010

Friday, 3 September 2010

Chislehurst Caves & Petts Wood

Another reasonably short cycle trip today, the weather was nice so why not.

Depart Bromley for Chislehurst Caves.  I’ve seen signs for the caves before but never been there.  Apparently there are 22 miles of caves and they are first mentioned around 1250 AD and may have been created as chalk and flint mines by the Druids and then the Romans.  In WW1 they were used as an Ammunition store and in WW2 as an air raid shelter.  In later years bands such as the rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Status Quo have used the caves as a music venue.  I didn’t actually go into the caves but just had a quick look around.


The Blue Plaque on the wall at Chislehurst Caves

Then onto Petts wood via Jubilee Gardens and Thornet Wood.  In WW2 this was part of the Inner Artillery Zone which was a defensive ring of gun sites encircling London.  Today it is peaceful parkland.


The Plaque at Thornet Wood in Jubilee Park, Petts Wood, Bromley

Finally head back via the Chequers Inn for a refreshing pint of “Old Tripp” ale (seemed appropriate) then back home.


Chequers Inn, Bromley

Total distance 16.5km., duration 1hr 4mins, average speed 15.3km/h and max speed 45.2km/h.

Google Earth KML file here : JW 3 Sept 2010

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Quick run to Biggin Hill

Penny’s first day at work, sun is shining so an ideal opportunity to go for a quick cycle run.  Set off towards Biggin Hill, then turned around and headed for Keston Ponds.  I had seen that the source of the River Ravensbourne was at a place called Caesars spring – this is the river which flows past the back of my house and runs into the Thames at Dartford.  More info at :

So a short run of 21.5km over an hour and a half – so not too energetic at all.  Max speed 43.6km/h and an average of 14.5km/h


Source of the River Ravensbourne at Caesars Spring just above Keston Ponds in Bromley


Spitfire flown by Pilot Officer Geoffrey Wellum 92 Squadron RAF Biggin Hill in the Battle of Britain.  His memoires “First Light” makes interesting reading.


Stopped for a refreshing pint of Harveys Bitter at the Grayhound in Hayes.

Google Earth KML file available here : JW 2 Sept 2010

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Village Pump – Day 3

Bit warmer today than the previous days – up to 24 degrees with a bit of a westerly wind.  Mix of sun and cloud.  Today, decided to cycle from Holt to Devizes along the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath past Caen Locks then cycle around Devizes a bit then back to Holt.  Cycling on the Towpath was very pleasant, more or less had it to myself until Caen Locks when it became full of (apparently deaf) pedestrians and Quad Bikers.  Also a bit unusual cycling up a reasonable hill next to a canal – still there are 16 locks all in a row.


At the beginning of Caen Hill Locks

Then a bit of a cycle ride around Devizes with a quick stop opposite the Wadsworth Brewery (fantastic beer)


Outside Wadsworth Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire

Then it was back to Holt via Bowerhill, Hilperton and Staverton.  Seemed to be uphill all the way and cycling into a fairly strong headwind.  Still good for keeping fit.

Back to London this evening so end of this bit of cycling for now.

Vital Statistics : Distance 38.7Km, Duration 2hrs 19 mins, Average Speed 16.7Km/h

Google Earth KML file here : 25 July 2010

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Village Pump – Day 2

Staying at the Tollgate Inn in Holt (fantastic pub with great food) so easy access to the Kennet and Avon canal – and the path that runs alongside it.

Tollgate Holt

Picture of Pub and garden at the back

Bit cloudy today but reasonably warm and have a bit of time so decided to go for a bit of a longer run.  Basically onto the Canal towpath at Staverton and follow the path to Bath.  Then back to Holt via Bradford on Avon and back to Holt.  Route is a bit hilly between Limpley Stoke and Bradford on Avon but coped reasonably well.  Must still have some fitness left over from Big Wheel trip

Vital Statistics : Distance 37.4Km, Duration 2h 15mins, Average Speed 16.5km/h

Google Earth KML file here : 24 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

Village Pump Folk Festival – Trowbridge, Wilts

A week or so ago I bought a set of roof bars and a cycle mounting kit for my car.  Having fitted it a few days ago, I had my first experience of driving with a bicycle on the roof – it makes an awful noise at motorway speeds.  Anyway….

We are down in Wiltshire for the Village Pump Folk Festival at Trowbridge Wiltshire.  Not my scene so I go cycling.  Not a lot of time today so only time for a short run along the Kennet and Avon canal.  Weather is good so finally got away late afternoon.  This is also my first real cycle run after the Big Wheel trip – 700Km London to Angers in the Loire Valley France.

Vital Statistics : Duration 48 mins, Distance 14.8km, Average Speed 19.2Km/h

KML File (Google Earth) here : 23 July 2010