Monday, 16 June 2014

In and around Bromley

Well, it has been a while since I posted here, due to working for a living and having no time.  Now back “between jobs” so time to stop being lazy and get back to some exercise.

Today I wanted to explore some off-road areas around Bromley.  Looking on Google Earth it seemed possible to get from Bromley football ground into Norman Park and then on towards Downe.  It wasn’t.  After cycling around some horse farms for a while I gave up and went back on the road to Norman Park.  Some strange animals around for London such as a herd of goats.


Anyway, left the farmyard, got into Norman park and across Scrogginhill Wood to Brook Wood then Mazzards Wood and Colyers Wood.  Then on road to the public footpath to Downe.  First time I had been here and came across a plaque and and old oak tree linked to an event in 1788 leading to the abolition of slavery.


Then it was on to Downe and as I was running out of time then back by road to Bromley encountering a strange cow sitting by a gate near Downe.


Vital Statistics

Distance 24.5Km, Duration 1:48, Average speed 13.5km/h, Max speed 47.3km/h


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